About Us

The Restaurant SandringhamDeborah Steward Specialist Catering was launched in 1992. It is a family run business, with Deborah at the helm in the kitchen, husband Kevin manning the organisation and daughter Grace is the Head Chef at Sandringham Cafe & Restaurant. Deborah’s other daughter Amii-Rose handles social marketing for the company.

The company caters and manages events, from private dinners for two up to a charity dinner for 700 guest, in the East of England. They regularly cater for private and charity events at Sandringham and run all the catering at Sandringham’s Restaurant and Coffee Shops. By introducing new menus, focusing on high quality, freshly cooked and locally sourced ingredients, Deborah and Kevin have turned two ventures into highly profitable and successful businesses. They have created a vegetable garden at Sandringham and compost for the gardens comes from recycling vegetable and other waste from the kitchens.

We have a new range of jams and chutneys which are available exclusively from the Sandringham Gift Shop, and the Plant Stall. new wedding and party location in the Arboretum at Sandringham.

But as Deborah is always pointing out, it’s about team effort and every member of her team is vital to the efficient running, creative drive and success of her company.